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Despite the name, The Fashion Novelist is not just about fashion. When I began this blog, I was a fashion design student at The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. In the beginning I published articles that were centered around designer interviews, runway news, photoshoots, etc. But as I advanced in my studies, I was in constant contact with the colossal wastefulness of the fashion industry. It depressed me greatly and began to turn me against fashion - something I had dedicated my whole life to. Something I loved. But I couldn’t condone the actions of corporate and fast-fashion brands, so I decided to cut them out of my life completely.

I needed to do something; anything that could help people come together to fight for better sustainable practices in big business. I wanted to create a community of ethically motivated people that shared my passion for the conservation of our planet.

This is the story of how The Fashion Novelist was rebranded into a blog that is not just about fashion. It is about animal welfare, green living, environmental awareness, and yes, sustainable/ethically sourced fashion.

Besides that, there's only a few things to know about me. I'm a devoted cat mom, I'm obsessed with yellow, and I love succulents - my apartment is full of succulents - I even love the word "succulent."

Everything that I write, review, or promote is based on my own personal opinion or experience. I do not promote companies that I have not purchased from or have thoroughly researched and declared a good option for conscious consumers. My main goal is to encourage a more environmentally active and sustainable lifestyle. I hope the content I provide here will make that a little bit easier for everyone.

To sum up, thank you for being part of The Fashion Novelist Community. Whether you have already committed to a sustainable lifestyle or are just taking your first steps, I am very happy for you and I hope this is a journey we will be able to take together.

If you are interested in collaborating with me, you can get in touch here